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HAEi is the international umbrella organization for the world’s Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) patient groups.

HAEi is dedicated to raising awareness of C1-inhibitor deficiencies around the world. We strive to improve time to diagnosis and facilitate access to and reimbursement of life saving HAE therapies, which will enable lifelong health for all patients – no matter where they live.

Suffering from HAE? You are not alone!

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10Nov, 2017

FDA application for new drug in 2018

Amber Salzman, Ph.D., President and CEO of Adverum Biotechnologies Inc., [...]

31Oct, 2017

98 percent median reduction in HAE attacks

CSL Behring presents data indicating that, at the approved dose [...]

27Oct, 2017

Cinryze production has resumed

Shire plc announces unaudited results for the three months ended [...]

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Mercure St Paul’s
Sheffield United Kingdom

Nov 18, 2017 at All Day

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Camp Mabry
Austin TX United States

Nov 18, 2017 at All Day

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– Language: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Hopscotch Restaurant & Bar
Tamworth Australia

Nov 18, 2017 at 12:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Missed opportunities due to HAE

It’s important to get the right treatment to get the most out of life

Patients report that HAE has hindered their education and work opportunities.

Getting the right treatment will allow you to live a normal life without missing out on education and job opportunities.

Percentage of patients reporting severe impact from HAE on education and career:

Impacted career advancement 57 %
Unable to consider certain jobs 69 %
Impacted career choices 63 %
Did not go as far in school as desired 40 %

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HAE patients from all corners of the world share their stories, inspiring other patients and proving that it is in fact possible to lead a close to normal life with HAE.

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