Cinryze now available in Canada

Cinryze is now available in Canada to patients with HAE who may benefit from routine prevention. It is the first and only treatment in Canada with an approved indication for routine prevention against angioedema attacks in adolescent and adult patients with HAE.

The Canadian Blood Services (CBS) will distribute Cinryze throughout the country, except for Québec. Shire Pharma Canada ULC is actively working to provide HAE patients in Québec with timely access to Cinryze, like all other Canadians.

“The launch of Cinryze in Canada marks yet another important milestone that further strengthens our commitment to Canadians living with HAE,” said Eric Tse, Shire Canada General Manager. “Shire is now able to provide Canadians with a portfolio of two complementary treatments for HAE: Cinryze and Firazyr.”

Canadians prescribed Cinryze by their physician for the prevention of their HAE attacks are eligible to enroll in the Shire OnePath Patient Support Program to access services designed to train patients to prepare and self-infuse Cinryze, among other services.

“HAE often takes a physical and emotional toll on patients and their families, which is why it is essential that people living with the condition have access to treatment options that best meet their individual needs,” mentioned Jacquie Badiou, HAE Canada President. “The fact that Canadians with HAE have access to yet another Health Canada approved treatment option marks an important step forward in providing more choices for the Canadian HAE community to improve their quality of life.”

(Source: Shire)