HAE Kenya in HAEi Global Conference held in Madrid, Spain in May 2016!

HAE Kenya was very privileged to attend this great conference which had more than 500 participants involving HAE patients, their care-giver and physicians from all over the world. More than 50cuntries from all over the world where present and Kenya was the first African country to attend the Global Conference. Kenya highlighted the plight of the major challenges faced in the African countries in terms of HAE medication and therapy as well as insufficient knowledge of the rare disease! In Kenya alone there are only 2 confirmed cases and 2 other suspected cases. With the low levels of knowledge that our physicians have on this rare disease, creating awareness will be an uphill challenge for all those who have taken the mantle and are willing to aggressively advocate for this worthy course. The Global conference renewed the courage of HAE Kenya and was a great education forum for our HAE Kenya Doctor, Dr. Erick Njenga. HAE Kenya will strive on with baby steps but it will one day reach a point where there is affordable emergency medicines for HAE patients. Together we strive forward! No looking back!