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The HAEi team is proud to be part of the HAEi family. We constantly strive to improve the situation for HAE friends all over the world – no matter if they are organized as member organizations or patient groups.

Meet the HAEi Regional Patient Advocates


Henrik Balle Boysen
Henrik Balle BoysenExecutive Director
Henrik is responsible for the daily operation and development of HAEi. He joined HAEi as the Executive Director in 2009 after having been a member of the Executive Committee for five years. Before joining HAEi, Henrik held several sales management positions in global corporations.
Steen Bjerre
Steen BjerreCommunications Manager
Trained as a journalist Steen has worked for local and regional radio and television as well as advertising agencies before establishing his own communications company in 1992. He has considerable experience working in the HAE field, first with the Danish HAE organization and since 2012 with HAEi.
Deborah Corcoran
Deborah CorcoranProject Manager
With a background in chemistry, Deborah worked in healthcare communications agencies for over 10 years before starting her own freelance consultancy. Over the last 5 years, she has worked with HAEi on several individual projects and is now working with HAEi running the HAEi GAP.
Ole Frølich
Ole FrølichProject Manager
Ole has been working with online implementation and communication in ad agencies for over 15 years. In 2014 Ole started his own digital agency. Since 2012 he has worked with HAE Scandinavia, HAEi and HAEA on individual projects, and is now the project manager for the HAEi Global Patient Registry project.
Nevena Tsutsumanova
Nevena TsutsumanovaAdministrative and Marketing Assistant
Nevena is the administrative assistant of the HAEi team. She holds a BA in Sales and Marketing Management, and is an experienced staff member of a Danish medical software company. She has a very outgoing personality, with strong communication and relation management skills.

Executive Committee

Anthony J. Castaldo
Anthony J. CastaldoPresident
Tony is a co-founder of HAEi and has been President since the organization’s inception. He also serves as the Presi-dent of the US HAE Association and on the Board of Directors of the National Organization for Rare Diseases. He dedicated much of his life to driving improvement in HAE care and remains highly motivated by the challenge of global HAE advocacy.
Michal Rutkowski
Michal RutkowskiVice President
Co-founder and President of the Polish HAE organization Michal has been involved in HAE advocacy in his home country since 2005. He became Vice President of HAEi in 2011. Michal was diagnosed with HAE at the age of 17. He is an architect and project manager, living in Krakow, Poland with his wife and two children.
Alejandra Menendez
Alejandra MenendezSecretary
Alejandra is co-founder and Secretary of HAEi. She is a founding member and President of the Argentinian HAE organization. She also works at raising HAE awareness in all of Latin America. A patient herself, Alejandra has two daughters with HAE. She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fiona Wardman
Fiona WardmanTreasurer
Fiona is the President of the Australasian HAE organization which she co-founded in 2011. She is also the Treasurer for HAEi. Fiona is passionate about making a difference to HAE patients in her own region as well as globally. A patient herself Fiona lives in Glossodia, NSW, Australia.
Sarah L. Smith Foltz
Sarah L. Smith Foltz
Sarah is a co-founder of HAEi and served as treasurer until 2014. She is a founding member and president of the Spanish HAE association. Apart from Spain, she has supported efforts in Latin America through involvement in the Patient Advocacy Forum initiative. Sarah’s husband and 3 daughters are HAE patients. She lives in Madrid, Spain.
Jørn Schultz-Boysen
Jørn Schultz-Boysen
Jørn holds the position as Treasurer of HAE Scandinavia. He has worked for a number of large Danish corporations including Bang & Olufsen and currently holds a management position with Grundfos. Jørn is a patient himself as is one of his two children. He lives in Struer, Denmark.
Rachel Annals
Rachel Annals
Rachel is Executive Officer of the UK HAE organization. She is focused on patient advocacy and one-to-one support as well as organizing patient events and projects. Rachel is a HAE patient herself. She lives with her daughter in Bridgwater, United Kingdom.
Beverley Yamamoto
Beverley Yamamoto
Beverley serve as the President of the Japanese HAE organization, enjoying greatly being able to contribute to both the national and the global patient organizations. Beverley is a HAE patient herself as is her son. In her day job she is a university professor, living in Osaka, Japan.
Natasha Jovanovska Popovska
Natasha Jovanovska Popovska
Natasha is the President of the Macedonian HAE organization. She is very active towards raising awareness on HAE among medical staff and the general public, dedicated to bringing closer the entire Balkan region to tackle HAE. Natasha is a HAE patient herself. She lives in Skopje, Macedonia.
Nils Berretz
Nils Berretz
Nils is working with public relations within HAE Germany and just like his father and younger brother he is a HAE patient, diagnosed when he was born. In 2013, Nils was part of the first HAE-Youngster meeting in Berlin and most recently he has taken part in the HAE film ”Escaping the Labyrinth”. Nils, who wants to study for social worker, lives in Eschweiler, Germany.

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