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Every second year HAEi welcomes HAE patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and industry representatives to the HAE Global Conference – the largest international gathering of its kind solely with a focus on HAE topics. At the conferences, the participants learn much more about HAE as they share experiences and knowledge in a friendly atmosphere conducted and driven by the patient community organized in HAEi.

The first HAE Global Conference took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012, followed by Washington D.C., USA in 2014 and Madrid, Spain in 2016. The next HAE Global Conference is scheduled for May 2018.

The most recent Global Conference has its own site – go there.


Dates: 17-20 May 2012
Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark
Theme: Advocacy and Awareness
Attendees: 350

Scientific Program Committee:
Prof. Marco Cicardi (Italy), Prof. Bruce Zuraw (USA), Prof. Konrad Bork (Germany), Prof. Connie Katelaris (Australia), Assoc. Prof. Marc Riedl (USA), Assoc. Professor Anette Bygum (Denmark), Dr. Teresa Caballero (Spain), and Dr. Anete S. Grumach (Brazil)

Keynote speakers:
1: “Taking care of patients from 1886 until 2012”, Prof. M. Cicardi
2: “HAE Global Advocacy: The key to better quality of life”, Mr. A. J. Castaldo
3: “Reimbursement of medication and handling regulatory authorities”, Mrs. B. Byskov Holm, EURORDIS
4: “The future of HAE patients. A physicians perspective”, Assoc. Prof. M. Riedl

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ViroPharma Incorporated
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Sobi –Swedish Orphan Biovitrum


Dates: 15-18 May 2014
Venue: Washington D.C., USA
Theme: Setting New Standards
Attendees: 450

Scientific Program Committee:
Prof. Marco Cicardi (Italy), Prof. Bruce Zuraw (USA), Prof. Konrad Bork (Germany), Prof. Wolfhart Kreuz (Germany), Assoc. Prof. Marc Riedl (USA), Prof. Henriette Farkas (Hungary), Dr. Alejandro Malbrán (Argentina), Dr. Hilary Longhurst (United Kingdom), Dr. Andrea Zanichelli (Italy), and Dr. Mar Guilarte (Spain)

Keynote speakers:
1: “Because it’s Personal”, Mr. A. J. Castaldo
2: “HAE – A Scientific-Medical Perspective”, Dr. B. Zuraw
3: “HAE – A Historical Perspective”, Dr. M. Frank
4: “The Challenges Treating Children and Women with HAE”, Dr. H. Farkas
5: “HAE in the Future”, Dr. A. Banerji

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CSL Behring

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Dyax Corp.

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BioCryst Pharmaceuticals
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Dates: 19-22 May 2016
Venue: Madrid, Spain
Theme: Creative Advocacy for Expanding Access to Therapy
Attendees: 500+

President of Honor:
Her Majesty Queen Letizia of Spain

Scientific Program Committee:
Prof. Marco Cicardi (Italy), Prof. Bruce Zuraw (USA), Prof. Konrad Bork (Germany), Prof. Markus Magerl (Germany), Prof. Marc Riedl (USA), Prof. Henriette Farkas (Hungary), Dr. Teresa Caballero (Spain), Dr. Hilary Longhurst (United Kingdom), Prof. Connie Katelaris (Australia), Prof. Anete Grumach (Brazil), Dr. Isao Osawa (Japan), and Dr. Sulaiman Al Gazlan (Saudi Arabia)

Keynote speakers:
1: “Improving HAE Diagnosis”, Prof. M. Cicardi
2. “Improving HAE Care”, Dr. T. Caballero
3: “Creative Advocacy for Expanding Access to Therapy”, Mr. A. J. Castaldo
4: “Experiences from Hemophilia and the Importance of Patient Advocacy”, Mr. M. Skinner
5: “Juggling with Genes for Cellular Modeling and Therapy of HAE”, Prof. J. Giehm Mikkelsen

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