Membership in the global network of Angioedema Centers of Reference and Excellence (ACARE) – a joint venture between the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network GA2LEN and HAEi – serves even more people with HAE.

“Since the summer break, we have been going full steam ahead with auditing our applicant centers, of which we have 18 at the moment. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many applicants did not have the capacity to prepare for an ACARE audit. Still, we hope that the situation is now improving worldwide, and the backlog can be minimized”, says Julia Föll, ACARE Network Program Manager.

The ACARE team was pleased to join the HAEi Global Leadership Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany. They had a booth where the participants could come by and chat with the team, making many new connections.

The ACARE office has worked closely with HAEi to design a new ACARE website that enables patients to find their closest ACARE Center quickly. The aim has also been to streamline the ACARE application process for clinics specializing in angioedema diagnosis, care, and research. The website has just been launched.

Of other activities, Julia Föll mentions the ACARE Angioedema School/Bradykinin Symposium that took place in Berlin on 14-16 September 2022:

“The 35 participants heard the speakers of the Angioedema School stress the importance of early treatment of HAE attacks, providing prophylactic treatment for the patients, and educating physicians.”

At this point, there are 74 certified ACARE centers in 34 countries with Unidade Funcional de Angiooedema Hereditário, Serviço de Imunoalergologia at Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa Norte in Lisbon, Portugal, joining most recently.

74 ACARE centers

Argentina (4), Australia, Austria (2), Brazil (10), Bulgaria (2), China (2), Denmark, France (4), Georgia, Germany (8), Greece, Hungary, India (3), Italy,  Japan (2), Kuwait, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Oman, Peru (2), Poland (5), Portugal (2), Qatar, Russia (2), Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain (2), Thailand, Turkey (4), United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom (2), the United States (2).

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