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News from Lithuania

2019-11-04T15:16:11+01:00November 4, 2019|Europe, Lithuania|

HAE Lithuania has signed up as the 81st member organization of HAE International. Laura Malinauskiene is the national contact for Lithuania.

News from Estonia

2019-11-04T15:13:40+01:00October 25, 2019|Estonia, Europe|

We are happy to inform you that HAE International has been joined by country no. 80. A warm welcome to Estonia, represented by national contact Kristal Kaljula.

News from Armenia

2019-10-21T08:14:51+01:00October 17, 2019|Armenia, Central Asia|

HAE International is happy to inform you that country no. 79 - Armenia - has just been added to our global map. The national contact in Armenia is Artashes Harutyunyan.

News from Slovenia

2019-10-12T16:16:09+01:00October 12, 2019|Slovenia|

An article about HAE has been published in a media in Slovenia in which Teja Iskra from HAE Slovenia discussed her experience with HAE and professor Mitja Kosnik from the Golnik Clinic explained about the disease genetics and treatment options.

News from North Macedonia

2019-10-12T16:15:02+01:00October 12, 2019|North Macedonia|

On 30 August 2019, an annual charity party with more than 200 attendees was organized in Skopje, North Macedonia. The party was hosted by Ms. Nora Buklevska and Mr. Petar Kajevski – two enthusiasts who strive to bring about positive changes and constructive mindset in a mundane environment. This year the funds raised were intended for HAE Macedonia. The team of [...]

News from El Salvador

2019-10-12T16:11:08+01:00October 12, 2019|El Salvador|

The website for the national group is now live, and the group wishes to use this for educational campaigns. A nurse in El Salvador is creating awareness of HAE by visiting allergy clinics and providing them with resources.

News from Guatemala

2019-10-12T16:09:54+01:00October 12, 2019|Guatemala|

HAE materials and resources have been provided in Spanish by the Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana to the patient group in Guatemala. The group is working towards being a registered organization and becoming a member of the Association of Rare Diseases in Guatemala.

News from Panama

2019-10-12T16:08:33+01:00October 12, 2019|Panama|

The HAE patient group in Panama is continuing the efforts to advocate for the government to consider granting access to HAE treatments.

News from South Africa

2019-10-11T23:20:59+01:00October 11, 2019|South Africa|

From President Adrienne de Jongh We are in the process of registering a nonprofit company so that we can in future access funding and consolidate the organization. We have increased our register of patients to 90. In July Hana Faulds attended the youth camp in Atlanta and learnt lots about advocacy, which we intend to incorporate in future plans. Here [...]

News from Egypt

2019-10-11T23:18:38+01:00October 11, 2019|Egypt|

Ahmad Lofty is the new National contact in Egypt – please see