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News from Russia

2019-07-16T16:17:19+02:00July 16, 2019|Russia|

From Chairman Elena Bezbozhnaya, HAE Russia (SPHA OPHAE): On hae day :-) 2019, the Interregional Public Organization “Society of Patients with HAE” (SPHA OPHAE) celebrated its third anniversary. Today the organization includes more than 150 people from 40 regions of the Russian Federation, providing administrative and legal support for patients and holding regular specialized scientific conferences, promotion events, seminars and webinars. [...]

News from Spain

2019-07-16T16:08:53+02:00July 16, 2019|Spain|

From President Sarah Smith, HAE Spain (AEDAF): HAEi/AEDAF Camino Walk 2019: AEDAF has again this year joined up with HAEi to organize the 3rd Camino Walk on the Camino de Santiago in Galicia (northwest Spain), to commemorate hae day :-) 2019. We had more than 50 pilgrims who walked three stages of the English Way on 16, 17 and 18 May. [...]

News from Canada

2019-07-16T16:00:52+02:00July 16, 2019|Canada|

From Daphne Dumbrille, HAE Canada Volunteer Coordinator: HAE Canada has had a busy spring. Things kicked off with the HAE Canada Director at Large, Anne Rowe and Ontario Regional Director, Tina McGrath, attending the Network of Rare Blood Disorder  Organizations (NRBDO) Spring Forum in Toronto in April. It was an informative and busy weekend discussing many issues, particularly around the importance of [...]

News from Belgium

2019-07-16T15:49:01+02:00July 16, 2019|Belgium|

For hae day :-) 2019 in Belgium HAE International Vice President Michal Rutkowski presented the importance of patients’ advocacy at a patients’ meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The event – gathering 35 attendees – was organized by the Hematology Center of University Hospital Saint-Luc UCL in Brussels and supported by Takeda. The main speakers were Professor Cedric Hermans and Dr Catherine Lambert, who [...]

News from the United States of America

2019-07-16T15:41:20+02:00July 16, 2019|United States of America|

From Managing Director Michelle Cuevas, US HAEA: Multiple events: This year’s hae day :-) generated a lot of excitement in the United States with a large number of HAEA members participating in and/or hosting events, educating others, and raising HAE awareness in their communities! We are very excited that hundreds of the new HAE E.R. Tool Kits have already been ordered, [...]

News from the United Kingdom

2019-07-16T15:29:58+02:00July 16, 2019|United Kingdom|

From CEO Laura Szutowicz and Executive Officer Rachel Annals, HAE UK: We spend a lot of time sifting through the Facebook posts seeing that people are still tolerating increases in their attack rate and saying ‘oh, that is just having HAE’. We cannot emphasize enough that if people suddenly start having more attacks than normal, or they don’t seem to respond [...]

News from Kenya

2019-07-16T15:19:16+02:00July 16, 2019|Kenya|

From President Patricia Karani, HAE Kenya: hae day :-) 2019 in Kenya was a day to raise media awareness amongst the public on our local television networks that are seen countrywide. I was able to feature in specific TV shows where Dr Priya Bowry, a well-known allergist in Nairobi, got to demystify the differences in types of HAE. I gave [...]

News from Australia and New Zealand

2019-07-16T15:11:06+02:00July 16, 2019|Australia, New Zealand|

From HAE Australasia CEO Fiona Wardman: During April HAE Australasia held their 2019 HAE Patient & Carers Conference on the Gold Coast, Queensland. This was the first time the conference was held over two days, and also the first time we had separate youngsters sessions. Day 1 opened with an amazing and inspiring keynote speech from Gidon Goodman, who is [...]

News from Panama

2019-07-16T14:51:51+02:00July 16, 2019|Panama|

From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana: As part of the events of hae day :-) 2019, Dr Olga M. Barrera (second from left) made an exhibition “The Multiple Faces of HAE” at the San Fernando Hospital in Panama to educate and raise awareness among the hospital’s medical community. Dr Barrera attends to 20 patients with HAE in Panama City. During [...]

News from South Korea

2019-07-16T14:47:35+02:00July 16, 2019|South Korea|

From Chief Regional Patient Advocate Fiona Wardman: A date has been set for the first patient “meet and greet” in Seoul. HAEi has previously met with Korean doctors, the Korean Organization for Rare Diseases (KORD), and industry partners in Seoul. We again look forward to visiting Korea in November to meet with patients and their carers.