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News from Mediterranean

2019-05-15T14:19:22+00:00April 7, 2019|Algeria, Cyprus, France, Greece, HAEi News, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain|

From Maria Ferron, regional patient advocate, Mediterranean MOROCCO 19 January 2019 AMMAO (HAE Morocco) held the first meeting as an official association with 115 attendees. Maria attended on behalf of HAEi introducing the association, projects, and activities to the Moroccan community. Presently Maria is supporting AMMAO on hosting their website under the HAEi umbrella. PORTUGAL Maria is [...]

News from Gulf Region and Middle East

2019-05-15T14:20:32+00:00April 7, 2019|Algeria, Egypt, HAEi News, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, United Arab Emirates|

From Rashad Matraji, regional patient advocate, Gulf Region and Middle East LEBANON  Together with a Lebanese doctor Rashad has been working on a meeting leading up to the WAO Inter-national Scientific Conference in Beirut in April 2019. KUWAIT, QATAR In both countries Rashad has helped in identifying patients who have agreed to become the national HAE [...]

News from Central America and the Caribbean

2019-05-15T14:20:54+00:00April 7, 2019|Central America and Caribbean, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, HAEi News, Panama, Puerto Rico|

From Javier Santana, regional patient advocate, Central America and the Caribbean PANAMÁ Javier is planning a trip to Panama to meet with the patient group and offer a workshop on how to create awareness events, media interviewing tips, and addressing government issues. COSTA RICA In February 2019 HAE Costa Rica held the first conference on HAE in [...]

News from Central & Eastern Europe

2019-05-15T14:22:48+00:00April 7, 2019|Belarus, Central Asia, Czech Republic, HAEi News, Hungary, Kasakhstan, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine|

From Michal Rutkowski, regional patient advocate, Central & Eastern Europe LITHUANIA Michal is in contact with a doctor from Vilnius who has shown interest in joining the HAE Global Registry project. The doctor sees around 10 HAE patients. RUSSIA Michal has been invited to attend the “Scientific and Practical International HAE Conference” that HAE Russia will [...]

News from South Eastern Europe

2019-05-15T16:48:53+00:00April 7, 2019|Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Europe, HAEi News, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey|

From Natasa Angjeleska, regional patient advocate, South Eastern Europe SERBIA In February 2019 Natasa participated in the annual patient meeting of HAE Serbia delivering a presentation entitled ”The incredible power of advocacy”. The program also included addresses from two physicians about the therapeutic options for HAE and patients heard about the bureaucratic procedures regarding receiving medication. ALBANIA [...]

News from Mexico and South America

2019-05-15T14:23:09+00:00April 7, 2019|Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, HAEi News, Mexico, Peru, South America, Uruguay, Venezuela|

From Fernanda de Oliveira Martins, Regional Patient Advocate, Mexico and South America GENERAL Fernanda is presently working on the agenda for a regional meeting that is to take place 27-28 April 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia. ECUADOR The HAE organization is working on a letter to the Ministry of Health to include HAE as a serious illness. PARAGUAY Fernanda is [...]

News from Asia Pacific

2019-05-15T14:52:56+00:00April 7, 2019|HAEi News|

From Fiona Wardman, Regional Patient Advocate, Asia Pacific TAIWAN Plans are being made for HAEi to meet with a Taiwanese doctor and his HAE patients in May 2019. This will be the first time a meeting of this type has taken place. Hopefullty this will be the beginning of improvements for patients in the country. HONG [...]

The Value of Prophylactic Therapy

2019-05-15T09:35:57+00:00April 7, 2019|Canada, HAEi News, Mexico, North America, United States of America|

A study sponsored by the US HAEA and HAEi assess the value of the new subcutaneous prophylaxis therapies to on-demand only treatment. The results of the study were presented as a poster at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) in San Francisco, USA 22-25 February 2019. The presenters [...]

Seven in Ten!

2019-05-15T09:31:47+00:00April 7, 2019|HAEi News|

By William R. Lumry, M.D., Allergy Immunology Specialist, Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. Seven safe and effective treatments for treatment and prevention of HAE attacks have been approved and are available for treatment in various countries around the world. This occurred in only ten years! I think all of us [...]

HAEi brings hope to India

2019-05-15T14:23:54+00:00April 7, 2019|HAEi News, India, South Asia|

By Fiona Wardman, HAEi Chief Regional Patient Advocate Early March 2019 patients, their families, physicians, industry and other rare disease experts along with HAEi came together for the first HAE meeting in India. For most of the patients, this was also the first time they had met anyone outside of their family who knew [...]