Central America and Caribbean

News from Central America and Caribbean

2021-04-05T20:12:17+02:00April 5, 2021|Central America and Caribbean, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, HAEi News, Panama, Puerto Rico|

I participated in an interview with Dr. Olga Barrera in Panama for a national newspaper to highlight HAE patients’ situation in the country. In Puerto Rico, I have had several communications with Dr. Rafael Zaragoza, representatives of pharmaceutical companies, lawmakers, and legislative advisers about the reconsideration of the law that would give HAE patients [...]

News from Caribbean and Central America

2020-12-21T12:51:29+02:00December 21, 2020|Central America and Caribbean, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, HAEi News, Panama|

From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana During the month of December, we are hosting another webinar in Spanish with Dr. Rafael Zaragoza on HAE and COVID-19 in order to update the HAE community from the region on the latest medical information. We expect this event will be well attended. We are also excited that [...]

News from Panama

2020-07-08T18:14:02+02:00July 8, 2020|Central America and Caribbean, Panama|

Due to the restrictions that have been implemented in several countries, not many countries held events related to hae day :-) 2020. In Panama the group of patients managed two religious services that were dedicated on behalf of the health of patients with HAE in that country. Religious services were broadcast live on television [...]

News from Caribbean and Central America

2020-07-01T13:59:13+02:00June 29, 2020|Central America and Caribbean, Dominican Republic, HAEi News, Puerto Rico|

  From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana During the past months, many patients in the Latin American region have been pending all the information related to the global pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. During the month of March, a virtual conference was held in Spanish so that Spanish-speaking patients who wanted to clarify doubts about coronavirus and [...]

Dominican Republic

2021-01-05T10:05:42+02:00May 29, 2020|

HAE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Dominican Republic  ·  Central America and Caribbean On this page we have pulled together presently available information relevant for HAE patients and caregivers in Dominican Republic. HAE online in Dominican Republic Visit our [...]

News from Panama

2020-04-11T13:32:56+02:00April 11, 2020|Panama|

From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana: It was exciting to see the patients in Panama getting involved in Rare Disease Day activities. Members of HAE Panama generated HAE awareness and educated the public by participating in media interviews to discuss the disease and joined in on special rare disease events along with 11 other rare [...]

News from El Salvador

2020-04-11T15:33:30+02:00April 11, 2020|El Salvador|

From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana A European citizen will be temporarily relocating to El Salvador to participate in a student internship, and her parent inquired about available treatment and physician referral. The patient was directed to a knowledgeable physician in the country. I am continuing to provide support to the member organizations and HAE [...]