News from Central America and Caribbean

2023-01-02T14:32:51+01:00December 27, 2022|Central America and Caribbean, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, HAEi News, South America|

From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana Much of my time has been concentrated on Costa Rica, where a young mother with HAE has been hospitalized several times due to severe crises. Unfortunately, the country’s main hospital has refused to purchase and provide one of the two treatments already authorized in Costa Rica to counteract [...]

10 year achievements – Cuba

2021-10-11T13:28:22+02:00July 15, 2021|10 year achievements, Central America and Caribbean, Cuba, Regions|

This input is dated May 2021 >> View content in Español In brief Name for organization: HAE Cuba 8 members at 1 Jan 2021 Name of approved HAE treatments: Danazol Tranexamic acid Berinert Cinryze Fun/interesting facts Beaches. The northern keys of the island. The Havana Carnival & [...]

2021 HAEi virtual regional workshop South America & Mexico, Central America & Caribbean

2021-07-05T15:16:59+02:00July 5, 2021|Argentina, Brazil, Central America and Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, HAEi News, Mexico, North America, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, South America, Uruguay, Venezuela|

The biannual HAE Global Conference has been an excellent opportunity for people with HAE to meet, exchange experiences, and learn from each other over the years.  Following the 2018 HAE Global Conference in Vienna, Austria, organizing a workshop for fellow Latin American patients was a must. Originally the plan was to hold the first-ever [...]

News from Central America and Caribbean

2021-07-05T14:49:27+02:00July 5, 2021|Central America and Caribbean, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, HAEi News, Panama, Puerto Rico|

During the past months, groups of people with HAE in the Central American and Caribbean region have been quite active in seeking the support of citizens and the attention of government entities to achieve access to treatments for HAE. Countries such as Panama and Costa Rica have held meetings with important government officials to [...]

News from Cuba

2020-01-03T13:16:48+01:00December 30, 2019|Cuba|

From HAE patient Rosa María Perez: Epinephrine, Hydrocortisone, Prednisone, Benadryl ... with every health crisis there is a bombardment of medicines with which nothing is resolved. The edema was quick – “in crescendo” – until it reached a limit when it stopped, and then slowly began to decrease. Pediatricians and allergists agreed that it was an allergic process – allergy [...]

News from Cuba

2019-07-16T17:55:16+02:00April 9, 2019|Cuba|

From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana: I have been in contact with a Cuban who is both a doctor and an HAE patient. He already knows of some other HAE patients in the country – and he is willing to lead a national organization in Cuba, identify more patients, educate about the disease, and identify [...]


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HAE Cuba Cuba AEH Cuba  ·  Central America and Caribbean On this page we have pulled together presently available information relevant for HAE patients and caregivers in Cuba. 10 year achievements As HAEi celebrated the 10th hae day :-) in [...]

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