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2021-04-05T20:12:17+02:00April 5, 2021|Central America and Caribbean, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, HAEi News, Panama, Puerto Rico|

I participated in an interview with Dr. Olga Barrera in Panama for a national newspaper to highlight HAE patients’ situation in the country. In Puerto Rico, I have had several communications with Dr. Rafael Zaragoza, representatives of pharmaceutical companies, lawmakers, and legislative advisers about the reconsideration of the law that would give HAE patients [...]

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2020-07-01T13:59:13+02:00June 29, 2020|Central America and Caribbean, Dominican Republic, HAEi News, Puerto Rico|

  From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana During the past months, many patients in the Latin American region have been pending all the information related to the global pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. During the month of March, a virtual conference was held in Spanish so that Spanish-speaking patients who wanted to clarify doubts about coronavirus and [...]

News from Puerto Rico

2019-07-16T18:27:03+02:00April 9, 2019|Puerto Rico|

In the second half of March, HAEA Puerto Rico held its Patient Summit 2019 in San Juan. The main speakers were Professor Sandra Christiansen from the US HAEA Angioedema Center at UCSD, Director Bruce Zuraw from the US HAEA Angioedema Center at UCSD, MD Rafael Zaragoza who is President of the Puerto Rican Association of [...]

Puerto Rico

2021-04-12T10:21:12+02:00February 14, 2019|

HAE PUERTO RICO HAEA Puerto Rico Puerto Rico  ·  Central America and Caribbean On this page we have pulled together presently available information relevant for HAE patients and caregivers in Puerto Rico. HAE online in Puerto Rico [...]