News from Asia Pacific

2021-07-05T14:49:26+02:00July 5, 2021|Australia, Australia/Oceania, Bangladesh, China, East & Southeast Asia, HAEi News, India, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, South Asia, South Korea|

Since the last magazine, there has been a focus on a few projects; a couple of these were the hae day :-) “Let’s Take the Next Steps” campaign and rolling out of the Regional Medical Advisory Panel project. All the member organizations within the Asia Pacific region had their history and plans for the [...]

10 year achievements – Japan

2021-10-11T13:30:46+02:00June 14, 2021|10 year achievements, East & Southeast Asia, Japan, Regions|

This input is dated May 2021 >> View content in 日本語 In brief Name for organization: NPO HAEJ 93 members at 1 Jan 2021 Name of approved HAE treatments: Berinert Firazyr Fun/interesting facts Japan consists of over 6,800 islands. Japanese trains are among the world’s most punctual: their average delay [...]

News from Asia Pacific

2021-04-05T19:56:37+02:00April 5, 2021|Australia/Oceania, China, East & Southeast Asia, HAEi News, India, Japan, Singapore, South Asia, South Korea, Taiwan|

During the past few months, I have been working with member organizations in my region to nominate physicians for the Regional Medical Advisory Panel (RMAP) project. I am pleased with the confirmation from the nominated doctors who have accepted to be panelists. I look forward to holding the first RMAP meeting in the next [...]

News from Asia Pacific

2020-12-21T12:59:43+01:00December 21, 2020|Bangladesh, China, East & Southeast Asia, HAEi News, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Asia, South Korea|

The past few months have been busy in the Asia Pacific region with some exciting projects going on with the member organizations. I always enjoy catching up with each of the patient leads from all the member organizations to discuss plans and how to create awareness and education opportunities and build their capacity. I [...]

News from Japan

2020-01-03T13:18:17+01:00December 30, 2019|Japan|

From President Beverley Yamamoto, HAE Japan (HAEJ): HAEJ applied for the 3rd PASE Award from EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) – PASE is Patient Advocacy Support by EFPIA. HAEJ applied for a project on paediatric HAE to do a survey to identify patients and their treatment needs as well as to carry out focus groups with families and [...]

News from Japan

2019-07-16T18:24:12+02:00April 9, 2019|Japan|

From President Beverley Yamamoto, HAE Japan (HAEJ): Icatibant has now been approved for acute attack in Japan and now for the first time patients have access to a therapy that can self-inject. It is making a big difference to patient lives already. We are still working hard to get self-administration of C1-inhibitor approved and making [...]


2021-09-29T10:02:18+02:00February 13, 2019|

HAE JAPAN 遺伝性血管性浮腫患者会NPO法人HAEジャパン(HAEJ) Japan  ·  East & Southeast Asia On this page we have pulled together presently available information relevant for HAE patients and caregivers in Japan. HAE online in Japan Visit us on Facebook [...]

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