2019 HAEi Regional Workshop Central Eastern Europe

2020-01-03T13:38:23+02:00December 30, 2019|Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kasakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Ukraine|

By Michal Rutkowski, Regional Patient Advocate for Central and Eastern Europe, Gulf Region & Middle East: The penultimate weekend of October 2019 saw the largest gathering of the year of the HAE International Central Eastern Europe community. As has become the tradition, the capital city of Poland hosted for the fourth consecutive time the annual regional advocacy event, dedicated to [...]


2019-11-04T14:15:44+02:00November 4, 2019|

HAE Lithuania PAE Lietuva Lithuania  ·  Europe On this page we have pulled together presently available information relevant for HAE patients and caregivers in Lithuania. HAE online in Lithuania Visit our website [...]

News from Lithuania

2019-07-16T17:46:01+02:00April 9, 2019|Lithuania|

From Regional Patient Advocate Michal Rutkowski: I am in contact with a doctor from Vilnius who has shown interest in joining the HAE Global Registry project. The doctor sees around 10 HAE patients.