10 year achievements – Canada

2021-07-15T14:22:56+02:00July 15, 2021|Canada, North America, Regions|

This input is dated May 2021 In brief Name for organization: HAE Canada 496 members at 1 Jan 2021 Name of approved HAE treatments: Berinert Firazyr Cinryze Haegarda Takhzyro Tranexamic acid Fun/interesting facts Insulin was discovered in 1921 by Frederick Banting, a Canadian doctor at the University of [...]

News from Canada

2021-07-05T15:58:42+02:00July 5, 2021|Canada, North America|

From HAE Canada: Canadian HAE patients have more to celebrate since the last edition of Global Perspectives. After years of discussions and negotiations, we are excited to share that all eligible HAE patients across Canada are now able to access Haegarda, CSL Behring’s subcutaneous C1-INH prophylaxis therapy for adolescents and adults, through Canadian Blood [...]

News from Canada

2021-05-10T08:33:57+02:00April 6, 2021|Canada, North America|

We made it through 2020 and excited to welcome 2021! Despite dealing with COVID-19 and all that it throws at us, thankfully we have some great achievements to share.  Earlier we mentioned that we launched our 2020 National Report Card survey to our membership; we are thrilled to report we had a fantastic participation [...]

News from Canada

2020-12-28T11:33:27+01:00December 28, 2020|Canada, North America|

From the HAE Canada Team We are kicking off this update with an exciting announcement: Canada now has a representative on the HAE International Youth Advisory Group. We would like to formally introduce Jacob Collins, who lives on Canada’s west coast, in beautiful British Columbia. We are thrilled a Canadian will help this fantastic [...]

News from Canada

2020-10-05T11:39:53+02:00October 5, 2020|Canada, North America|

From President Jacquie Badiou and COO Daphne Dumbrille, HAE Canada: You wouldn’t know it based on the temperatures outside, but summer is quickly wrapping up. Seems like ages ago we were venturing outside to go on much-needed walks (and runs, bike rides, swims etc.), then logging our steps into HAE International’s 2020 Virtual Global [...]

News from Canada

2020-04-12T12:19:16+02:00April 11, 2020|Canada|

From President Jacquie Badiou and Volunteer Coordinator Daphne Dumbrille, HAE Canada It has been a few months since our last article in Global Perspectives, but not due to a lack of exciting news to report – it’s hard to know where to begin. We would like to start with an important announcement: We are pleased [...]

HAEGARDA now available in the province of Québec

2020-02-07T10:35:49+01:00February 7, 2020|Canada, HAEi News|

HAEGARDA (C1 Esterase Inhibitor Subcutaneous [Human]) is now available in the province of Québec, Canada. “The availability of a new treatment option to help health care professionals and patients prevent HAE attacks is an important milestone and great news for the HAE patient community,” said Charles St-Pierre, President of the AOHQ patient group. CSL Behring [...]

News from Canada

2020-01-03T13:09:33+01:00December 30, 2019|Canada|

From Executive Director Peter Waite, Canadian Hereditary Angioedema Network: The Canadian Hereditary Angioedema Network has updated its 2014 Canadian Hereditary Angioedema Guideline with an expanded scope to include the management of HAE patients worldwide. It is a collaboration of Canadian and international HAE experts and patient groups led by the Canadian Hereditary Angioedema Network. The objective of this guideline is to provide evidence-based recommendations, [...]

News from Canada

2019-10-11T22:56:14+02:00October 11, 2019|Canada|

From President Jacquie Badiou and Daphne Dumbrille from the HAE Canada office Summers are always too short and 2019 was no exception. July was particularly eventful for two HAE Canada Youth members, Paige and Makayla, who were fortunate to attend HAEi’s Youngsters Summer Camp in Atlanta. Their experience is best heard from their perspectives: Paige: This July I attended a Youth [...]

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