No matter if your preferred language is Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Latvian or Spanish there is an Emergency Card from HAE International for you.

“As a matter of fact, we are presently at 34 languages and thereby covering a large portion of the globe”, says Henrik Balle Boysen, Executive Vice President & COO of HAE International:

”The Emergency Card can be a quick and effective way to let healthcare professionals know that you have a diagnosis of HAE when you arrive at a hospital or care center, and the treatment that should be considered.”

The Emergency Card contains clear and straightforward information about HAE and treatment required during an attack. It also has space for patients to add personal information such as emergency contact details and their specialist treatment center. The Emergency Card – now in 34 languages with more to come – is being used by HAE advocacy organizations around the world.

The Emergency Card has been designed to be used by HAE patients from all countries and can be adapted by any HAE International member organization.

“If you are a member organization and have designed your own emergency card that could be displayed on the HAE International website, or if you would like help from us in adapting a card, please contact me”, says Chief Specialist Projects and Research Deborah Corcoran.

If you are not a patient or part of an HAE International member organization and would like to use one of the cards, please contact the Regional Patient Advocate for your area and inform him or her that you plan to use the card.

>> See more about the Emergency Card and find the cards in multiple languages and download for free