Dyax and US HAEA Launch Essay Contest

To mark the fourth annual hae day :-) Dyax Corp. and the HAEA today announced the launch of the HAE Hope Essay Contest. By drawing from the inspiring stories of individuals with HAE nationwide, the program seeks to underscore the value of hope for those living with this potentially life-threatening condition.

HAEHope.com is asking eligible HAE patients across the country to submit essays that will focus on one of two themes: 1) What I would tell my 12 year old self about living with HAE, or 2) I have HAE, HAE does not have me.

A multi-disciplinary panel consisting of physicians, nurses, patients and advocacy representatives will evaluate each submission. The two winning essay entrants are eligible to receive a cash award and will be recognized at the HAEA Patient Summit taking place October 9-11, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. A matching donation will be given to the HAEA Scholarship Fund in the winners‘ names. Program submissions will be used to inform the development of support services and educational materials for HAE patients nationwide.

“People with HAE are very generous with one another, especially in their willingness to provide support,” said Gustav Christensen, President and CEO of Dyax. “This contest offers a new forum for that support through creativity, self-expression and first-hand insights about living with HAE. At Dyax, we work closely with HAE patients to understand how this condition affects their lives and how we can help meet their unique needs. Every day we hear their stories of hope, courage and survival. Through this essay program, we seek to honor those experiences and share the inspiration that drives us towards a future where HAE no longer limits peoples’ lives.”

“For over 15 years the HAEA has helped patients and their families overcome challenges associated with HAE and strengthen the HAE community,” said Anthony Castaldo, President of the U.S. HAEA. “Each person involved in this contest will be helping to inspire others through their personal stories and raise awareness about this rare and potentially life-threatening disease.”

Although HAE can be diagnosed through a simple blood test, the disease is frequently undetected or misdiagnosed due to its rarity and the similarity of its symptoms to more common conditions. In the spirit of HAE Day, HAEHope.com seeks to raise awareness of this little known condition and honor those individuals living with HAE.

HAE Hope Essay Contest details can be found on www.HAEHope.com, a support website sponsored by Dyax.

(Source: Dyax Corp.)

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