The second 2021 edition of our magazine Global Perspectives is out now. This time you will, among many other items, find articles on these topics:

  • HAE TrackR – an easy-to-use electronic diary developed by HAEi for our fellow patients – is now live!
  • Record-breaking celebration for 10th hae day :-)
  • What do you want to achieve by 2030? Input from HAEi’s member organizations around the world
  • Exciting news from the HAEi Youngsters’ Community: Meet the HAEi Youngsters Advisory Group and Kick-start of the HAEi Youngsters’ blog
  • Rapid development in Thailand
  • HAEi virtual regional conferences
  • Patient story: I was searching for answers that may not have had a question
  • News from the HAEi Regional Patient Advocates
  • News from Member Organizations Around the Globe

You can download your copy of the magazine here – and please feel free to share Global Perspectives with anyone you think would find it useful.