Thousands helped raise HAE awareness step by step

On and around hae day :-) 2017 a group of HAE patients, caregivers, doctors and people from HAE organizations walked four stages of the Camino in northern Spain. Many more would have liked to take part in this walk but were not able to do so. Therefore HAEi arranged the HAE Global Walk 2017, allowing everyone to participate no matter where they were.

The HAE Global Walk was first launched in 2016 – and from late April and all through May 2016 individuals and groups wanting to be part of the global HAE awareness movement took more than 12,000,000 steps.

The 2017 campaign reached even further as 2,120 people in 32 countries across the globe took steps for HAE awareness. From Spain, Peru, and Macedonia to Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the United States people walked for HAE. Some on their own, others in larger groups – and in total they took 21,215,757 steps.

Thank you very much to each and everyone who took part in the campaign, thus emphasizing our message: Every step counts.

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