Great HAE Global Walk Despite Pandemic


As HAE friends around the globe will know the annual hae day :-) aims to raise awareness worldwide – and as part of the efforts to raise awareness HAE International organizes the HAE Global Walk.

“This was also going to be the case in 2020, and we had high expectations regarding setting another record. However, the coronavirus pandemic turned many things upside down, including a number of scheduled walks in many a member country”, says Executive Vice President & COO Henrik Balle Boysen:

“The population in a large number of countries around the world experienced harsh limitations to everyday life during the period of the 2020 HAE Global Walk. Previous years, we have urged HAE friends to gather in groups large and small to walk together and register their steps for the annual campaign. This year many were forced to take precautions because of coronavirus COVID-19, and obviously, we didn’t want anyone to take any chances with their health. Bearing the regulations that might apply in any given country in mind, we did, however, hope that a large number of HAE friends across the world would find it possible to take part in the walk.”

The 2020 HAE Global Walk campaign ran from 1 April to 31 May, and during that period more than 3,800 people entered their steps. Based on the entries on the campaign website at, it is very clear that the majority of contributors have been walking alone or in groups of just a few people. However, despite the coronavirus situation in most countries around the globe, a lot of walking did actually go on.

Compared to the previous years HAE International – and indeed the global HAE family – can be proud of the result: In total the 62,266,404 steps amount to 19,907 kilometers/12,442 miles taken by 3,831 people in 51 countries.

“There is no doubt that we see more and more involvement in the campaign across our member countries and with that in mind we are more than happy to launch another HAE Global Walk on 1 April 2021”, says Henrik Balle Boysen.

>> See the final result and national ‘scores’ on the hae day :-) website:

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