By the HAEi Youngsters Advisory Group

The HAEi Youngsters Advisory Group (YAG) is delighted to introduce a wonderful new initiative they are very passionate about!

In March, HAEi’s Operations Manager and Youngsters’ Community Coordinator Nevena Tsutsumanova and Chief Specialist Projects and Research Deborah Corcoran led a two-day YAG meeting program filled with brainstorming sessions, presentations, guest speakers, and updates on exciting new projects.  The meeting also included interactive discussion between YAG members and HAEi Leadership that focused on HAEi’s overall mission, global footprint, and vision for the HAEi Youngsters Community. 

The new initiative bring launched by YAG members is an outreach program – ”HAE Friends Around the World” – that aims to (1) create connections and friendships around the globe, and (2) share the benefits of being part of the global HAEi Youngsters’ Community.

Members of the YAG will be reaching out to youngsters internationally via social media to say hello and provide opportunities for youngsters to connect and learn from each other. The YAG hopes to build relationships, share experiences, and increase knowledge about HAE.

If you know of any youngsters in your country who might be interested in an international network of friends, please let them know they can get in touch with us via social media, email, or our website!

The HAEi Youngsters Community is for young people with HAE, their siblings, caregivers, and friends between 12 and 25!

We appreciate your support!

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