HAEi establishes Regional Medical Advisory Panels

The HAEi Regional Medical Advisory Panel initiative is the next step in a decentralized approach to serve the global HAE community. The objective of the Regional Medical Advisory Panels (RMAP) is to obtain the physician viewpoint regarding challenges that countries (within a region) are facing in terms of diagnosis, education, awareness, and access to modern treatments. HAEi’s member organizations will work with their Regional Patient Advocate (RPA) to nominate physicians to be part of RMAPs.

Each RMAP will gather physicians’ perspectives on circumstances and unique needs in their country and region and share this information with the member organizations and RPAs.

“This important initiative will enable us to adapt HAEi’s existing programs, activities, and services, and implement new ones to address the local and regional issues and concerns raised by the Regional Medical Advisory Panels,” says Fiona Wardman, HAEi’s Chief Regional Patient Advocate.

“Once a RMAP has been established, a chairperson is appointed, and every panel member is encouraged to collaborate, network, share information, and exchange ideas”, Fiona Wardman explains.

Each RMAP will meet twice a year via Zoom or teleconference with the RPA to organize and take part in the call to take minutes.

“Furthermore, the RMAPs will have an opportunity to meet and interact with the HAEi Regional Advisory Groups and RPAs during our regional conferences and the HAEi Global Leadership Workshops”, Fiona Wardman says.

Additionally, Advisors will have access to the HAEi’s Chief Medical Advisor, and the global organization encourages each Advisor’s clinic/hospital to become an accredited ACARE Center.

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