HAEi recognizes the horrific situation in Ukraine, and we stand in support and solidarity with our fellow HAE brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

We understand that many Ukrainians are forced to flee to neighboring countries for safety. Therefore, our advice to people with HAE and their caregivers arriving in another country is to reach out to the HAE Member Organization for advice on HAE knowledgeable physicians and hospitals for assistance.

Also, HAEi has several resources that can be helpful to someone arriving in a new country.

Member country pages

On our website, haei.org, each of our member countries are represented and you can find contact information to the organizations, links to their social media platforms, and information about available treatments, HAE knowledgable physicians, and hospitals in each specific country. 

>> Visit the member country pages

Regional Patient Advocates

The HAEi Regional Patient Advocates are ready to help. You can find their contact information on the HAEi website.

>> Meet the Regional Patient Advocates

HAE Companion app

The HAE Companion app provides an easy way to access and store the HAEi emergency card electronically.

HAE Companion also links to contact information on ACARE centers (Angioedema Centers of Reference and Excellence) as well as HAE knowledgeable hospitals and physicians worldwide. Using Google Maps or Apple Map, the app indicates directions and distance to the nearest place.

The app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play for the Android platform.

>> Read more about the HAE Companion app

HAEi Emergency Card

The HAEi emergency card contains clear and straightforward information about HAE and the treatment required during an attack. The emergency card is available in many languages on the HAEi website and through our HAE Companion app.

>> Read more about the HAEi emergency cards