Sijmen de Vries, CEO and Chairman of  Pharming Group N.V. in the 2019 Annual Report:

“During 2019, we have seen an increase both in patients who are badly affected by HAE and those with less severe symptoms who have been discovering the efficacy as well as the reliable and consistent response rates of Ruconest to treat their HAE attacks. 

With the developments in the prophylaxis market (in which Ruconest is not approved) including a far greater dependence on products and potential products which only block the kallikrein pathway, one of several pathways identified as being complicit in attacks of HAE, we see an increasing need for patients to have a C1 esterase inhibitor on hand to treat attacks which breakthrough their prophylaxis medication. This has led to increased demand for Ruconest as a fast, effective resolution therapy for acute attacks of HAE. We see this need for an effective breakthrough resolution therapy continue to drive Ruconest sales, even as new products enter the market and despite the convenience of prophylaxis therapies.”
(Source: Pharming)