In recognition of the fourth annual hae day :-) Shire has launched a new educational website as part of its HAE awareness campaign “Me, Not HAE”. The interactive site supports the HAE community by enabling the sharing of stories of inspiration and helping raise awareness of the realities of living with HAE. The “Me, Not HAE” campaign, which was initially launched on hae day :-) in 2014, focuses on finding innovative ways to share personal stories from people living with HAE to help inspire the community at large while also driving education and awareness of this rare condition.

In conjunction with the campaign and to recognize hae day :-) 2015, Shire is inviting all site visitors to share a wish or message of inspiration with the HAE community from 16 to 30 May. Each wish submitted online will add a leaf to a virtual HAE Wish Tree, building a picture of hope for those living with this condition. Wishes can be made at:

“Shire is dedicated to raising awareness of HAE and recognizes the importance of sharing inspirational messages and stories as a way to encourage and show our support for those living with this challenging condition,” said Emmanuel Dulac, Head of the Rare Disease Business Unit at Shire. “We are very pleased to launch this new site in support of this rare disease community on the occasion of hae day.”

“People living with HAE often feel isolated, so sharing personal stories and messages of hope will help unite the community and strengthen its collective voice,” said Anthony Castaldo, president of HAEi. “This new site not only offers visitors the chance to learn more about HAE, but to also contribute messages of hope for the community in support of hae day.”

“We are proud to help unite the global HAE community and to foster increased awareness of the condition on hae day,” said Henrik Balle Boysen, executive director of the HAEi. “It is our hope that hae day :-) along with supportive initiatives including this new educational website will ultimately help lead to more accurate diagnoses.”

(Source: Shire)