Join the community for HAEi youngsters

As you may recall the HAE Global Conference 2016 in Madrid, Spain contained a full track for HAE youngsters – and in August 2017 HAEi arranged the first ever HAEi Youngsters’ Summer Camp, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany.

Based on connections first made or strengthened during these two events a group of energetic HAEi youngsters have decided to found the HAEi Youngsters Community.

“With presently 63 member organizations around the world, we are proud to add the HAEi Youngsters Community to our constantly growing global family”, says HAEi President Anthony J. Castaldo.

Connected via social media, the HAEi Youngsters Community is an open community for everyone to join, allowing the participants to share, create new friendships and strengthen old ones, discover life-changing experiences by learning about different

cultures, countries, and traditions, and make the community something bigger than the disease. As they initiators put it: “Laughing and sharing each other’s daily lives, we understand the feelings and struggles of friends, patients, and caregivers.”

With members from 23 countries, the goal of the HAEi Youngsters Community is to work together for a better quality of life.

The HAEi Youngsters Community has designed a logo based on the overall idea “Many different faces, one big family”. It symbolizes the community as a place of understanding and a forum for facing similar challenges.

If you want to know more about the HAEi Youngsters Community feel free to visit

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