Launch of third virtual regional workshop

After the successful virtual regional workshops in South Eastern Europe and Central Eastern Europe and Benelux, HAEi is now focused on Latin America.

“The Latin American workshop is the first one for this region where the working language is the presenters’ local language. The workshop brings together the Regional Patient Advocates Fernanda de Oliveira Martins from South America & Mexico and Javier Santana from Central America & Caribbean”, says HAEi Chief Regional Patient Advocate Fiona Wardman.

The workshop features 34 videos in the presenter’s local language with subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

The workshop is divided into four tracks: HAEi, Experts, Youngsters, and updates from the member organizations. 

The workshop begins with brief introductions from HAEi Leadership and the two Regional Patient Advocates. The first part of workshop covers ‘Building foundations for a better future’ (President & CEO Anthony J. Castaldo and Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Henrik Balle Boysen), ‘Decentralized Approach in Practice’ (Fiona Wardman), ‘ACARE’ (Anthony J. Castaldo and Professor Marcus Maurer) as well as a presentation of HAEi services such as emergency card, hosted websites and HAEi Connect.

The expert presentations are delivered by Dr. Olivera, Panama (Diagnosis), Dr. Olivares, Colombia (Symptoms), Dr. Grumach, Brazil (Treatment), and Dr. Calderón, Peru (ACARE), while the Youngsters are represented by Nathan Galarza and Isabel Brunkan.

All 17 member organizations in Latin America – that is Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela – are presented through short videos on the present situation in each country. 

The workshop’s final part is a Q&A video with the two Regional Patient Advocates teaming up with Dr. Olivera, Dr. Olivares, Dr. Grumach, and Dr. Calderón.

Videos in Spanish, Portuguese and English

>> You can access all the videos of the Latin American workshop here

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