HAE Treatment in Kosovo

The following treatments are registered/licensed:

  • NONE

Update from Regional Patient Advocate Natasa Angjeleska:

December 2019: I have assisted a physician from Kosovo in finding a laboratory in North Macedonia and send patients for testing about HAE. This may help in diagnosing the first patients in this country. At the same time Dr. Shendevere Hasani, a pediatrician from Kosovo, had a presentation about HAE at the First Euroasian Pediatric Congress and VII Kosovo Pediatric School.

April 2019: Two HAE knowledgeable physicians have been added in Pristina: One at Children’s Clinic (Pediatrijska Klinika) and the other at KBC-Pediatria – Nephrology department.

Contact information can be found at https://haei.org/location/physician-pristina-1-kosovo and https://haei.org/location/physician-pristina-2-kosovo.

December 2016: Initial contact has been made with a physician who might be interested in collaboration around HAE activities.


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