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Update from Regional Patient Advocate Patricia Karani:

April 2020: I am involved in an exciting HAE International pilot project in Rwanda with a dedicated doctor to locate patients with HAE who have been misdiagnosed.

December 2019: The doctor contacts in Rwanda are now using the new website hosted by HAE International to raise more awareness amongst other health care professionals in the country.

October 2019: Ongoing discussions are taking place with The Allergy Society to incorporate HAE as a topic of discussion amongst the members.

July 2019: Together with Dr Edgar Kalimba – the new HAE knowledgeable physician in Rwanda – I organized the 2nd HAE Doctors Symposium at Kigali, Rwanda to raise more awareness amongst African doctors. Hosted by the King Faisal Hospital in collaboration with HAE International it was a well-attended event with pediatricians, doctors of internal medicine, and head dermatologists among the attendants. We held fruitful discussions on ways of pioneering a steering committee in Rwanda. Our speakers included the HAE International President and Chief Executive Officer Anthony J. Castaldo, who shed more light on differentials in HAE, while Dr Priya Bowry – a well-known allergist from The Allergy Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya – gave an African perspective to the diagnosis of HAE. I gave a patient perspective as well as a regional perspective to HAE and Dr Mugabo spoke on how to respond to a severe case of HAE in the emergency room.



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