From CEO Fiona Wardman, HAE Australasia

HAE Australasia held a strategy meeting to talk about current and new projects for the year ahead. We have some exciting and useful ideas for projects and initiatives, and we look forward to bringing them to fruition.

HAE Australasia is very proud of the videos and downloadable documents for new resources on our website called ‘Living Well with HAE’. HAE Australasia engaged one of our very supportive Clinical Psychologists who has worked with our Australasian patients over the years. Dr. Chris Basten gives helpful tips to managing stress and anxiety and coping with empathy gaps and emotions related to HAE. The ‘Living Well with HAE’ videos series is available to view via

HAE Australasia has written a formal letter to the National Blood Authority on behalf of patients who no longer have access to Danazol as this medication is discontinued and ineligible to receive long-term prophylaxis access due to the current strict criteria of eight attacks or more a month.

Plans are underway for our 10th birthday celebrations later in the year, which will coincide with the HAE Australasia Patient & Carers Conference – more details soon!

HAE Australasia is looking forward to both New Zealand and Australian patients and their family and their friends taking in the HAEi hae day :-) campaign.