From CEO Fiona Wardman, HAE Australasia:

HAE Australasia and its members (in Australia) welcomed the news that subcutaneous C1 is now indicated for children aged eight and older.

There have been quite a few questions from HAE patients around receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations. HAE Australasia has made available the information from HAEi on this topic.

A local survey for patients in South Australia was carried out to ascertain the complete picture of HAE in this state of Australia regarding patients’ severity of their current condition and treatments.

HAE Australasia had a focus on the HAEi “Let’s Take the Next Steps” campaign for hae day :-) 2021.

We have welcomed a few new patients into our membership from New Zealand and Australia over the last few months.

HAE Australasia engaged with patients on two different projects with the hope of broadening access to preventative therapies for patients who are currently ineligible for access and who are falling through the cracks. We hope that more patients will benefit from prevention therapies and enable them to live a much better quality of life.