The 2017 version of the HAE Austria patient meeting took place in Linz with the participation of more than 20 HAE patients.

The HAE Austria President Adelheid Huemer gave an overview of the development over the last decade – from two members in 2006 to more than 50 today and from only Berinert for emergency treatment in 2006 to now Firazyr, Cynrize, Ruconest, and Berinert.

Mrs Huemer also spoke about the intensive cooperation with the larger organization HAE Germany as well as the very good collaboration with the pharmaceutical companies.

Vice President Christian Müllner informed about interesting visits to the pharmaceutical companies in Vienna, while Board Member Clemens Schöffl presented a map of Austria with the location of HAE patients. Furthermore, Dr Wiednig spoke about ”HAE in children – new possibilities for diagnosis”.