News from Austria

From President Adelheid Huemer, HAE Austria

2020 has given us a lot of new challenges, and no real face to face meetings are possible. Therefore, 27 November 2020 HAE Austria went virtual and hosted the webinar “My good life with HAE” for its members.

Prof. Dr. Marcus Maurer from Charité in Berlin, Germany spoke about the latest treatment methods both on-demand and prophylactic – with Takhzyro and Berinert 2000/3000 as new products on the Austrian market. Prof. Maurer is of the impression that HAE patients can only improve their quality of life through the correct prophylactic treatment.

Dr. Clemens Schöffl, an expert from the Uniklinik Graz and Chairman of the Board of HAE Austria, talked about “HAE: Psyche and stress”. Dr. Schöffl is an HAE patient himself and thus has a double role as patient and physician. In his experience, stress – regardless if good or bad – can move the attack frequency in both ways, which was new for all of us. This means that stress can cause zero attacks or especially frequent attacks; both options are possible.

Last but not least Prof. Dr. Werner Aberer, our HAE expert in Austria, shared his experiences on the theme “Every patient needs an individual treatment”. Prof. Aberer presented six patients from the Uniklinik Graz and their different experiences as well as HAE treatments. He also moderated the webinar, which was received very positively by our members.

We were pleased to see so many people from HAE Austria participating in the webinar – and we are thankful to CSL Behring for helping us in arranging the meeting.

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