News from Caribbean and Central America


From Regional Patient Advocate Javier Santana

During the past months, many patients in the Latin American region have been pending all the information related to the global pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. During the month of March, a virtual conference was held in Spanish so that Spanish-speaking patients who wanted to clarify doubts about coronavirus and HAE could participate and ask questions. Dr. Zaragoza, epidemiologist and allergist from Puerto Rico, was the invited speaker.

On the other hand, representatives of a drug distribution company in Central America are making the necessary efforts to bring the Icatibant drug to several countries in the region. This keeps many patients and doctors pending because it would be the first medication aimed at directly treating HAE in some countries.

We have a new member country – the Dominican Republic – which is patient organization number 90 around the world affiliated with HAE International. The national contact is Caroll Batista and she is very excited to start working with us in her country for the well-being and better quality of life of patients with HAE.

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