News from Central & Eastern Europe

From Michal Rutkowski, regional patient advocate, Central & Eastern Europe


Michal is in contact with a doctor from Vilnius who has shown interest in joining the HAE Global Registry project. The doctor sees around 10 HAE patients.


Michal has been invited to attend the “Scientific and Practical International HAE Conference” that HAE Russia will be organizing in Moscow, Russia 19-20 June 2019.


At this point Armenia does not have an HAE organization and HAE patients do not have access to any modern therapies. Michal has established contact with an HAE physician in Yerevan with a few HAE patients under her supervision. This doctor is very interested in collaborating with HAEi.


Michal has been helping the management of HAE Slovakia out with the preliminary considerations regarding a national HAE summit for Slovakian patients later this year.


HAE Belarus is working on a new national website under the HAEi umbrella. Also, the organization is preparing a national HAE summit dedicated to patients and physicians – this is likely to take place in late June.