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Winner of seed fund: April 2020, the first public benefit innovation competition for rare diseases was officially launched. Through online courses, an offline entrepreneurship camp and project supervision, rare disease organizations are helped to improve their overall operation ability, incubate high-quality, innovative projects and provide financial support. The bottom line is to promote projects to benefit the majority of patients with rare diseases.

On the afternoon of 24 October 2020, the award ceremony of the contest sponsored by the Disease Challenge Foundation and guided by the China Rare Disease Alliance was successfully held after the official meeting of the China Rare Disease Conference 2020. We won a seed fund award of 10,000 USD, which will be applied to the operation of the later project.

Rare disease conference: On 31 October and 1 November 2020, the Shanghai Medical Association, the Shanghai Center of Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Diseases and the Shanghai Children’s Center of Diagnosis and Treatment of Rare Diseases jointly organized a conference on rare disease prevention and control. The meeting focused on and exchanged topics in the areas of rare disease research, related drug development, policy support, and social support for patients with rare diseases.

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