From Mihaela Sogoric, HAE Croatia

The Association of Patients with Hereditary Angioedema HAE Croatia successfully organized the 3rd meeting of parents and children suffering from HAE with pediatricians in Tuheljske toplice.

The pediatricians chose very good lecture topics and, in my personal opinion, this was the most successful meeting so far.

Saturday, September 30, 2023:

  • Primarius Irena Ivković  Jureković, MD, PhD – Food as an attack trigger for HAE
  • Renata Vrsalović, MD, PhD – Long-term and short-term prophylaxis
  • Nevenka Cigrovski, MD – Remission after bone marrow transplantation in a patient with leukemia (case report)
  • lva Topalušić, MD – HAE in girls
  • Barbara Kvenić, MD – HAE and comorbidities, edema of other etiology
  • Med.-tech. Lidija  Galović – Education of children and parents about self-administration of medicines

We continued our gathering on Sunday, October 1, where the parents had a psychological workshop on “Self-care and HAE“.

Among the guests from our region, we were joined by the president of HAE Serbia, Jovana, whom I would like to thank this way.

We ended the meeting with a visit to Matija Gubac’s museum “Museum of the Peasant Revolt”, thus ending our third meeting. We are looking forward to the new one next year and we hope it will be even more successful. I would like to thank especially the donors Takeda and Swixx BioPharma Croatia, without whom this meeting would have been impossible. Also, I would like to thank Tuheljske Toplice for the trust shown for the third year in a row.