From President Mihaela Šogorić, HAE Croatia:

On 6 and 7 March 2021, the HAE Croatia organized an assembly and a meeting in Rijeka. A report for the work of the association in the past year was presented to the participants. Doctors dealing with HAE were invited to the meeting and gave lectures. Ljerka Karađa Lapić, MD, from the General Hospital Šibenik had a topic on genetics while Srđan Novak, MD, PhD, from the University Hospital Centre Rijeka, covered the treatment of HAE, including therapeutic drugs which are currently being studied, and shared information about treatment options available in Croatia. Furthermore, Renata Vrsalović, MD, addressed the topic of management of HAE in pediatric patients. Younger doctors from the University Hospital Centre Osijek, Ana Kovač and Ana Marija Masle talked about the “my HAE” app. It is designed to help patients and their health care professionals jointly monitor the patients’ progress and make more informed treatment decisions together.

HAE Croatia celebrated the 10th anniversary of hae day :-) on 16 May 2021 with illuminating buildings in several cities throughout our beautiful country with the color purple in the hope of raising awareness about HAE. T-shirts with the association’s new logo and the HAEi logo accompanying the 10th anniversary were printed and distributed to patients and supporters.