News from Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Leading HAE experts from Scandinavia will be speaking at the third HAE Scandinavia conference taking place in Oslo, Norway 8-10 November 2019. Among the speakers are:

  • Christian Jervelund from Copenhagen Economics – speaking on health and socioeconomic topics underlining the importance of access to the right treatment,
  • Dr Linn Landrø from Oslo University Hospital, Norway – speaking on how to prepare children for prophylactic treatment,
  • Dr Robert Brudevold from Ålesund Hospital, Norway – focusing on how the daily life of HAE patients has changed as still more have gained access to prophylactic treatment,
  • Dr Anette Bygum from Odense Univesity Hospital, Danmark – among other topics on the role of the HAE patient in the society and the new possibilities arising,
  • The German HAE expert Markus Magerl from the university hospital Charité in Berlin – speaking on the exciting development within new HAE treatments,
  • HAE patient Nanna Maria Boysen from Danmark – talking about the work of HAE youngsters globally in order to create a network crossing borders.

Furthermore, the Danish motivational speaker Mark Anthony will inspire the participants and Scandinavian nurses will provide advice and give a mini-course in self-administration.

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