News from North Macedonia

On 30 August 2019, an annual charity party with more than 200 attendees was organized in Skopje, North Macedonia. The party was hosted by Ms. Nora Buklevska and Mr. Petar Kajevski – two enthusiasts who strive to bring about positive changes and constructive mindset in a mundane environment. This year the funds raised were intended for HAE Macedonia.

The team of HAE Macedonia was honored to attend the event, and the President of the organization, Ms. Natasha Jovanovska Popovska gave a short speech focusing on how patients tackle the challenges of having a rare disease in a country where up until 2015 no medications were available. She also spoke about how the fight for access to medications changed HAE patient advocates in North Macedonia for the better, provided them with new skills and how the quality of their lives improved. The team of HAE Macedonia also distributed brochures, mingled and clarified all the questions about this rare disease that attendees had, in an open, cheerful, jubilant and pleasant atmosphere.

These types of parties are not commonplace in North Macedonia so they are all the more important as they set an example of social responsibility not only in terms of dealing with rare diseases but dealing with many burning issues in general.

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