From Regional Patient Advocate Fernanda De Oliveira Martins

It was amazing to be “Together Again” in Frankfurt, Germany, for the 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop. I thank all the Member Organizations and the physicians from South America and Mexico for the effort and enthusiasm taken to the meeting, as well as the HAEi community for the amazing event. These were intense days – full of energy, knowledge, hope, and joy. 

Besides the global program, we had time for a regional meeting, a time for us to reconnect, celebrate and imagine the future! We are already looking forward to the Regional Meeting for the Americas in 2024 :-)

The Global Leadership Workshop definitely gave extra energy to the Member Organization leaders in my region. All came back from Frankfurt full of ideas and eager to implement more HAE tools in the countries. For the last few weeks, we have been working on implementing more Emergency Room posters and publishing new content in Spanish and Portuguese on social media. 

The Burden of Illness survey being run in Mexico is almost done, and we aim to run it in other countries. Also, the LEAP program presented in Frankfurt has attracted much attention, and many youngsters from my region have applied for it. 

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