From Regional Patient Advocate Patricia Karani

The COVID-19 situation in Sub-Saharan Africa is still the main focus of this region. However, I am taking advantage of any small step I can to move things forward where possible in countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria, and Ghana.

HAE International was able to raise awareness in Zimbabwe during the Angioedema Awareness month in November through the concerted efforts of Child and Youth Care Zimbabwe. This organization supports children with rare diseases in Zimbabwe. The month was dedicated to raising awareness amongst the general public as well as the health care professionals in the country.

I have been in touch with HAE South Africa to work on a project to help raise awareness of HAE with physicians in the country.

A Zoom meeting has taken place with the Rare Disease Ghana organization to talk about HAE in this country. Rare Disease Ghana has shared a link on HAE on its website to assist with raising awareness.

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