Well, what a busy few months it has been for HAE UK! As CEO, Angela Metcalfe was delighted to attend the 2022 HAEi Global Leadership Workshop in Frankfurt, Germany, at the beginning of October, and very pleased to be joined by three other patients and Trustees of our charity, as well as Rachel Annals, our Executive Officer, whom so many of you know. It was a very illuminating and educational conference, and on behalf of HAE UK, can we record our thanks to everyone involved in the organization and, of course, to the many and varied speakers.

We were planning on holding our annual patient day in November this year. Sadly, many of our members are still nervous about traveling and meeting in large groups, so we decided to postpone the event until spring 2023. We look forward to sharing information about this event with everyone soon.

We have had a number of patient-centered initiatives running in the UK recently, with several surveys and reference groups sharing their stories and HAE journeys. This kind of information gathering and research is vitally important for healthcare professionals, pharmaceuticals, and patients to understand current and new treatments and medications. By sharing the living experience of HAE, we hope that it supports, steers, and guides others in being able to live with this condition rather than just existing. Keep a lookout for some of these surveys being published in the new year, which we will share with you.

It just remains for us to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and we hope that you can spend it with loved ones for the first time in a couple of years for many of us. And looking forward, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and a healthy 2023.