“Following 12 months of a successful launch through a global pandemic, we have a clear picture of the continued commercial trajectory for Orladeyo based on a very attractive product profile, leading to strong patient demand to switch from injectable therapies to our oral, once-daily medicine, with 70 percent patient retention through the first year,” says Jon Stonehouse, President and CEO of BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Fourth Quarter 2021 Orladeyo Launch Dynamics:

  • New patient demand for Orladeyo remains strong and consistent, with a similar number of new patients added in Q4 2021 as in each of the previous three quarters of the year. Patients switching from other prophylactic therapies and acute-only therapy continue to drive the launch. More than half of patients new to Orladeyo since launch had a previous prophylactic medicine prior to Orladeyo and most of the remainder were from acute-only treatment.
  • Most patients are well-controlled on Orladeyo and remain on therapy. Approximately 70 percent of patients starting Orladeyo, including those switching from injectable prophylaxis, remain on Orladeyo in the first year.
  • Orladeyo is now covered by all major payors and national and regional pharmacy benefit managers, which will lead to more patients being reimbursed quickly.
  • The Orladeyo prescriber base continues to grow significantly. The number of new physicians prescribing Orladeyo in Q4 2021 was similar to the number added in Q3 2021. In market research, 60 U.S. physicians, who treat an average of seven HAE patients each, reported that they expect to double their use of Orladeyo, and that Orladeyo will become their most prescribed prophylactic treatment in the next 12 months.

“We expect Orladeyo revenues in 2022 to more than double in our second year of launch as we benefit from a full year of reimbursement and continued strong demand from patients and physicians. Orladeyo is transforming the lives of HAE patients, which is why Orladeyo is on a trajectory to become the market leader in HAE prophylaxis,” says Charlie Gayer, Chief Commercial Officer of BioCryst.
(Source: BioCryst)