Pharvaris highlights properties of deucrictibant in data presentations at recent congresses

Pharvaris recently presented data highlighting the unique pharmacological and clinical properties of deucrictibant for the treatment and prevention of HAE attacks at the 20th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST); the 2024 Eastern Allergy Conference (EAC); and the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Congress 2024.

Peng Lu MD PhD, Chief Medical Officer of Pharvaris, said: “We believe that deucrictibant has the potential to become the preferred therapy for people living with HAE in both on-demand and prophylactic treatment modalities. The data presented at EAC and EAACI reinforce the benefits of deucrictibant, such as the single-dose substantial symptom resolution in 78.6% of participants within 24 hours following on-demand treatment, and the injectable-like efficacy, favorable safety profile, and convenience of deucrictibant for prophylactic treatment of HAE attacks. Looking ahead, we expect to publish data from our ongoing open-label extensions in both on-demand and prophylaxis, which will expand the long-term safety and efficacy database of deucrictibant and provide insights into on-demand treatment observations across multiple HAE attacks, including laryngeal attacks, which may position deucrictibant as a best-in-class treatment for HAE.”

Berndt Modig, Chief Executive Officer of Pharvaris, added: “The data presented from multiple clinical and nonclinical studies continue to demonstrate the efficacy and tolerability profile of deucrictibant, supporting its ongoing development. We believe deucrictibant is the only oral molecule with the potential to address both the on-demand and prophylactic treatment modalities for people living with HAE. Pharvaris continues to operate in a disciplined manner to address the unmet need of the HAE community, while exploring additional potential indications and pipeline expansion opportunities to broaden our future product portfolio.”

(Source: Pharvaris)