Rapid suppression of plasma kallikrein activity

At the C1 Inhibitor Deficiency and Angioedema Workshop in Budapest, Hungary earlier this month KalVista Pharmaceuticals, Inc. presented new data regarding its KVD900 project.

“KVD900 is an oral, novel, potent and selective inhibitor of plasma kallikrein, a validated target in HAE,” said Andrew Crockett, CEO of KalVista. “We believe KVD900 represents a new therapeutic opportunity to rapidly halt HAE attacks at their earliest sign and we look forward to seeing the Phase 2 data late this year.”

KalVista’s oral presentation and poster showed:

  • KVD900 rapidly reached high levels of drug exposure and was well tolerated without related gastrointestinal adverse events
  • KVD900 successfully interrupts the contact activation system’s positive feedback loop between plasma kallikrein, prekallikrein, and FXII
  • Within 10 minutes an inhibitory effect on plasma kallikrein activity was detected with KVD900 in undiluted plasma and within 20 minutes it was by greater than 95%. KVD900 provided critical high molecular weight kininogen (HK) cleavage protection for at least 10 hours

(Source: KalVista)

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