brand of recombinant C1-inhibitor (conestat alpha). Ruconest® is approved by FDA and EMA and is delivered intravenously. Ruconest® is approved for self-administration.

Company: Pharming Group NV

The HAEi Global Access Program enables patients to gain access to Ruconest®–through an ethical and regulatory compliant “Named Patient Program” mechanism–in all countries where the drug is not commercially available.

Global Access Programs provide biopharmaceutical companies with a way to allow ethical access to their pre-license/unlicensed medicines to help patients with unmet medical needs. Access is provided in response to physician requests, in a fully compliant manner, where no alternative treatment options are available.

Key Information

Geographical scope Worldwide excluding territories where Ruconest® is commercially available
Pack type English language pack
Order quantity Minimum of 4 vials. An order of more than 20 vials requires medical review at Pharming
Delivery lead time (indication only) 24-48 hours in EU
48-72 hours outside EU

How can I get access to Ruconest®?

If you would like to learn more about the Ruconest® through the HAEi Global Access Program, please discuss with your treating physician who should then get in touch with HAEi.

Physician enquiries regarding Ruconest® should be directed by email to: gro.ieah@pag.

Please note that we cannot handle direct patient inquiries.

HAEi Global Access Program Order Process for Ruconest®

  • Physician request access to Ruconest® through gro.ieah@pag
  • Process currently being updated