The HAEi Global Access Program helps changing lives of HAE patients

Since announcing the appointment of Inceptua Medicines Access as the new HAEi Global Access Program (GAP) distribution partner last year, HAEi has been responding to a number of inquiries from those in countries where RUCONEST® is not commercially available.

“HAEi is committed to helping the global HAE patient community obtain access to life-saving modern therapies, which is why we created the HAEi GAP. HAEi GAP provides an opportunity and mechanism for physicians in countries where limited or no modern HAE medications are available, to access modern HAE medication for their patients. This is the first known program of this type initiated through a patient group”, says Project Manager Deborah Corcoran.

HAEi GAP currently provides access to RUCONEST® to patients in all countries where it is not yet commercially available, via a ‘Named Patient Program’ mechanism. A named patient program is where a doctor orders the medication and the cost of the medication is paid for by the government, hospital or the patient’s medical insurance.

“If you are an HAE patient and think that HAEi GAP could help you, please talk to your doctor about the program. More information about the HAEi GAP and RUCONEST® can be found on the HAEi website, including a flyer that you can share with your doctor to explain how to request access to treatment. Any formal request for medication to the HAEi GAP must come from a physician, as Inceptua Medicines Access are not able to respond to inquiries from patients”, Deborah Corcoran explains.

If you are a physician and you think HAEi GAP and RUCONEST® could help your HAE patients, please contact

HAEi is here to help patients and physicians in any way the organization can, so if you do have any questions please contact the HAEi GAP team Deborah Corcoran and Nevena Tsarovska at HAEi and the team is waiting to hear from you.

See more about the HAEi GAP at:

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