Time for Spring Cleaning of the Membership Register

Many member organizations will undoubtedly be able to recognize the challenge of maintaining a membership system. It applies whether it is based on a spreadsheet or some kind of technological solution.

“For many, there is a need for a degree of spring cleaning – regardless of the season. This is where HAE International’s free solution HAEi Connect can be of great value because in connection with the implementation you review and update the data of the individual member and subsequently you have all information in an efficient and easy to understand system”, says HAE International’s Enterprise Technology Manager Ole Frölich.

HAEi Connect – a cloud-based member database for national organizations to manage their members – is being rolled out to still more countries.

“First and foremost, HAEi Connect includes an easy to use editor for creating emails to members as well as a template for saving and re-using emails. Another feature is the possibility of contacting members via text message. Other updated features are four new sections in the HAEi Connect dashboard to initiate contact to members as well as right-to-left language support”, says Ole Frölich.

To date, HAEi Connect has been implemented in Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

“Furthermore, we are talking to a handful of national organizations so I expect that we will within the coming months be able to add countries like Canada, China, Croatia, Lithuania, Puerto Rico, and the United States of America”, says Ole Frölich.

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