One new event will be an awareness hike in Serbia, which is down to the hard work of the Member Organization (MO) in Serbia, especially one of the 2023 LEAP students, Sofija Popović.

HAEi LEAP allows young people to learn new skills and develop as individuals and advocates. Each student gains experience working with their MOs to apply those skills on a project to support advocacy, their MO, and their community. Sofija was part of the LEAP Class of 2023 and told us that the idea of an awareness hike came from the desire to create an engaging way for the local community to increase knowledge of HAE while spending time together in nature.

Sofija credits the HAEi LEAP 2023 program for helping her plan and execute the awareness hike effectively. She said, “Participating in the HAEi LEAP program was not only incredibly enriching but also inspiring. LEAP provided a crucial foundation, covering a spectrum of essential skills ranging from time and project management to writing reports and proposals for advocacy projects and event coordination.”

“As the event approaches, I feel excitement and anticipation. I am very excited to see the community come together, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact this event will have on raising awareness and support,” added Sofija. “I would like to express gratitude to everyone involved in making this awareness hike possible, from everyone involved in the HAEi LEAP program to the members of HAE Serbia. Together, our community is making a difference and supporting those with HAE.”

Jovana Cvetkovic, the President of HAE Serbia, told Global Perspectives she is excited about the upcoming event, “I am eager to walk together in support of individuals living with HAE and raise awareness. I hope that our event will make a significant impact on our mission.” Jovana outlined that the event will allow HAE Serbia to support the global campaign, raise local awareness of HAE, and engage association members, doctors, and the public. “I want to thank HAEi and the Youngsters’ Community for giving Sofija a chance to showcase her exceptional organizational and creative skills in raising awareness about HAE. I’m thrilled that this is just the beginning of our partnership, and I’m excited to continue working together to positively impact the lives of people with HAE.”

>> You can follow HAE Serbia and keep up with the action from the hike on Instagram @hae_srbija and Facebook HAE Srbija.

Sofija and Jovana’s tips for organizing an event for hae day :-)

  • Plan in advance to ensure you can get everything done in time
  • Engage with the community to share skills and resources
  • Involve partners and sponsors who can promote the event and provide support
  • Focus on creating a supportive environment where members are motivated to participate, as this will enhance the impact of the event
  • Be consistent in your efforts to raise awareness about HAE and engage with their local community