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HAE Friends around the Globe!

Following the very successful HAE conferences in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012, Washington D.C., USA in 2014, and Madrid, Spain in 2016, HAEi is delighted to announce that the fourth HAE Global Conference will be held in Vienna, Austria in May 2018.

Once again, we welcome HAE patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and industry representatives to the largest international gathering of its kind solely with a focus on HAE.

We hope to see you in Vienna in May 2018. Please make sure that you sign up for our conference updates below. #haeGC18

Warm regards,


Anthony J. Castaldo
President, HAEi

Exciting conference program

We are working hard to bring together a very exciting conference program for you.

HAE friends can expect plenty of time to interact with fellow attendees from throughout the world, as well as a wide variety of important information, and learning opportunities. These include what every patient and family must know about HAE; the most recent clinical advances and consensus treatment recommendations; and advocacy strategies/techniques for gaining or broadening access to HAE medicines. There will be a separate track for HAE youngsters that will enable peer group interaction and sharing of insights on how to cope with HAE.

HAE physician/researchers from throughout the globe will gather to present abstracts and discuss future research opportunities. In addition, we will offer an educational and networking session for all healthcare professionals interested in HAE.

The agenda for the 2018 HAE Global Conference will be updated on this page as it evolves. #haeGC18


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In 2016 HAE friends from all over the world were gathered in Madrid for the HAE Global Conference

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The 2016 HAE Global Conference in numbers

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HAE Global Conference 2016

Great memories

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